Tajikistan: Strengthening Technical and Vocational Education and Training – Project Brief

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An ADB project in Tajikistan will benefit unskilled youths and adults, especially women and girls, who obtain competitive technical qualifications, skills, and jobs from improved technical and vocational education and training.

The project will help develop a demand-driven, quality-assured, and flexible technical and vocational education and training (TVET) system responsive to labor market needs through:

Modern TVET methodology. The project will develop competency-based standards (CBT) and assessment tools aligned to an adapted European qualification framework. CBT curricula and gender-sensitive learning materials will be developed, and competency assessors for 17 occupations will be trained (including innovative aspects of clean energy and energy efficiency).

Upgraded physical learning facilities of selected TVET institutions. The design of rehabilitation works takes into consideration teaching requirements, student needs, and environmental and social safeguards. It will also incorporate energy-efficient features such as renewable energy generation equipment, and energy efficient lighting in selected institutions.

Improved access to quality programs. The project will develop an in-service TVET teacher training plan to help teachers understand CBT, develop competencies in student-centered training delivery, and gain practical skills in technology areas through internships, including in the area of clean energy and energy efficiency.

Strengthened governance and management. The project will help establish industry advisory committees and working groups in the five priority sectors. These committees will also provide inputs to the energy industry sector working group on modern international TVET practices for clean energy education, and will mentor energy sector leaders on workforce strategic planning for the clean energy sector.

Source: Asian Development Bank