Tajikistan to set up public register of subjects of tourism service

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According to official statistics, approximately 342,00 foreign nationals visited Tajikistan over the first six months of this year, which was 43 percent or 262,000 people fewer than in the same period last year.


The Agency for Statistics under the President of Tajikistan notes that in accordance with methodology of the UN World Tourism Organization (UN WTO), 306,000 of those foreign nationals are estimated as tourists.


Compared to January-July last year, the number of foreign tourists visiting Tajikistan over the reporting period has decreased by 44.2 percent.


In January-June this year, 326,000 nationals of the CIS member states and 16,00 nationals of other foreign countries have visited Tajikistan.


The overwhelming majority of foreign nationals who visited Tajikistan in January-June this year were citizens of Uzbekistan – 234,000 people.


Uzbekistan is followed by Russia (44,000 people), Kyrgyzstan (39,000 people), and Kazakhstan (6,000 people).


Among the so-called far abroad counties, the majority of foreign nationals who visited Tajikistan over the first six months were citizens of Afghanistan – 4,400 people.


Afghanistan is followed by Turkey – 1,800 people, China – 1,500 people, the United States and Iran – 800 people each.


215 tourist companies have been registered in Tajikistan.


Recall, Tajik authorities have suspended all international flights. Tajikistan closed all its airports at midnight on March 19-20 due to the coronavirus concerns. Only charters flights to repatriate Tajik nationals stranded in foreign countries due to the coronavirus crisis have been operated so far.


Source: Asia Plus