Tajikistan Will Be Represented By 9 Athletes at the 2023 Doha World Judo Championship

From May 7 through May 14, the 2023 World Judo Championship will be held in Doha.

On May 4, the Congress of the International Judo Federation was held in Doha, in which the leadership of the Judo Federation of Tajikistan took part.

The coaching staff of the Tajik team presented the following athletes for the World Championship: — 66kg — Emomali Nurali, -66kg — Shahboz Saidabrorov, -73kg — Behruz Khojazoda, -81kg — Shodmon Rizoev, -81kg — Somon Mahmadbekov, -90kg — Komronshoh Ustopiriyon, — 90kg — Jahongir Majidov, -100kg — Abubakri Akobir and +100kg — Temur Rahimov.

The championship will be held as part of the Judo World Tour. The winners and prize-winners will be awarded valuable cash prizes. The prize fund of the championship is €1 million.

Athletes will also receive points for improving their position in the world and Olympic rankings.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan