Tajikistan’s external debt has grown by $ 275 million since the beginning of this year

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The size of Tajikistan’s external debt as of October 1 of this year amounted to about $ 3 billion 163 million, the Ministry of Finance of the republic reports. At the beginning of this year, the external debt was $ 2 billion 888 million.


More than 95% of the total volume of external debt falls on funds that were attracted to fulfill government orders – more than $ 3 billion. 18 million.


Debts with a state guarantee in the structure of external debt amount to $ 91.1 million, debts of state-owned enterprises without state guarantees – $ 31.5 million.


The debts of the National Bank of Tajikistan to the International Monetary Fund, China, and the Islamic Development Bank total $ 22.5 million.


Note that the size of the republic’s external debt mainly increased due to the attraction of an IMF loan in the amount of $ 189.5 million in May this year..


The main creditor of Tajikistan is China (about $ 1.2 billion). Debts due to placement of government bonds (Eurobonds) in international financial markets amount to $ 500 million. There are also comparatively large debts to the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank and IMF.


Source: Asia Plus