Tajikistan’s Investment Opportunities Presented in Geneva and Zurich

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From September 13 through September 14, Geneva and Zurich hosted events to present Tajikistan’s investment opportunities.

The events were organized by the Embassy of Tajikistan in the Swiss Confederation in collaboration with the Mikro Kapital Company.

The Ambassador of Tajikistan to the Swiss Confederation Jamshed Khamidov informed guests about the country’s achievements and their role in ensuring peace, stability, and a sustainable economy.

Participants were also provided information on the investment opportunities in industry, energy, tourism, services, and other sectors of the economy.

Khamidov noted that holding such events contributes to the development of trade and economic cooperation, increasing the export potential, attracting investments, importing modern technologies, and strengthening bilateral economic and investment cooperation.

Paintings reflecting the national culture were exhibited and Tajik national music was played as part of the event.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan