Tajikistan’s population expected to reach 10 million by 2020

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Tajikistan's population is expected to reach over 10 million by 2020, the Deputy Speaker of the Lower Chamber of Parliament of Tajikistan Khayrinisso Yusufi stated during the regional round table discussion under the entitled -Demographic Factors: Human and Economic Development.

Khairnisso Yusufi, in particular, noted that Tajikistan as one of the leader among CIS countries on rates of population growth, which was increased by 26.3 percent over the last fifteen years.

According to her, youth predominate in the structure of the countrys population, and currently, there are 7.4 economically active persons per one pensioner in Tajikistan.

By 2030, the volume of the countrys labor market is projected to expand due to growth in the population and birth rate will gradually fall, Tajik deputy parliament speaker noted.

She noted that Tajikistans population in 2015 was 8.37 million. Since 1998, the annual population growth rate in Tajikistan has stood at 2.1 percent, and if this trend continues, the countrys population will reach 10.065 million in 2020, Khayrinisso Yusufi noted.

She further added that an average age of Tajikistans population is projected to be 25 years by 2025 and it is projected to increase to 35 years by 2035.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan