Tajikistan’s state budget lost about $ 39 million for eight months

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This is despite the revision of the budget and the reduction of the planned volumes.


According to the Ministry of Finance of the republic, the total volume of the state budget of Tajikistan for eight months of this year amounted to 14 billion 352 million somoni, which is 2.6% less than the revised plan.


This means that the “main wallet” of the country received less than 400 million somoni (about $ 39 million) during this period.


The budget shortfall is mainly associated with the reduction of income tax. The share of taxes in the state budget is 68%.


As a result, it was not possible to fulfill the expenditure side of the budget: almost all sectors did not receive the planned funds.


However, most of all, they cut funding for the sector of state power and administration, industry and construction, other economic activities and services.


Source: Asia Plus