Tajikistan’s Trade Portal recognized as the best example of 2019 in the publications of international organizations

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The United Nations Economic and Social Commission and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development published the results of an assessment of trade and investment in Asia and the Pacific in 2019, where the Tajikistan Trade Portal was recognized as the best model and important achievement among the countries of the region.

The publication highly ranked the Tajikistan Trade Portal and described the Portal as an exemplary platform for reducing time and costs of export, import and transit, as well as making the non-tariff measures simplified and transparent.

The experts of these organizations consider the importance of private sector's participation in the development of Tajikistan Trade Portal and assess the public-private partnership as one of the key areas for sustainable economic development.

Currently, the Portal reportedly provides information on export, import and transit procedures of 51 groups of goods, including more than 1,500 goods, 19 export procedures, 30 import procedures and 2 transit procedures.

Tajikistan's Trade Portal also contains statistic information on export opportunities of the country, trading partner countries and other legal documents regulating foreign trade activity.

Launched by the Tajik Government under support of the OSCE Programme Office in Dushanbe on April 26, 2019, Tajikistan's Trade Portal is an online platform aimed at facilitating trade and investment operations for foreign and domestic representatives of the private sector. The electronic tool allows publishing detailed online information on trade and investment procedures in the country. Procedures are described step-by-step and show all contacts (authorities), forms, requirements, costs, duration, ways of recourse and the legal basis.

Producing a single portal containing all trade regulations and procedures saves businesses time and operational costs, especially for traders and enterprises involved in the import, export and transit sectors.

Tajikistan became a member of the World Trade Organization in March 2013 and has ratified the Trade Facilitation Agreement in May 2015, which is aimed at facilitating trade by simplification of transport movement procedures, reduction of costs and time for release and clearance of goods in cross-border trade.

Source: Asia plus