TajikUzbekChinese Transit Routes Will Faciliate in Trade and Econimic Development of the Region

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Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and China have enormous trade and economic potential. The rally launched in Termez along the UzbekistanTajikistanChina highway could demonstrate the potential for direct cargo deliveries between these countries. Direct deliveries of goods from China through Tajikistan to Uzbekistan and back along the same route contribute to the development of trade and economic cooperation of the countries of the region, according to a source at the Embassy of Tajikistan in China.

On August 10, the motorcade began to follow the Termez Dushanbe Kashgar route, and two trucks from each country took part in it. Only six trucks loaded at the Termez Cargo Center logistics terminal will follow go through the cities of Dushanbe, Vahdat, Kulob, KalaiKhumb, Khorog, Kulma (Tajikistan), and Kashgar (China). The total distance of their path is 1422 km. This project is designed to further strengthen the cooperation of states in international road transportation. It will help to strengthen trade and economic ties.

Tajikistan, which is distinguished by political stability and trade and economic openness, is ready to develop logistics cooperation with neighboring countries, in particular, Uzbekistan and China along this route, noted the Tajik diplomatic mission in Beijing.

It was previously reported that the main purpose of the rally is to increase the flow of goods from China to Central Asia and vice versa. In addition, the development of this route will provide another alternative route for the delivery of goods from Uzbekistan through the ports of China for export to other countries.

Another important issue is the ability to transit goods to and from Afghanistan. Now the International Logistics Terminal Termez Cargo Center is actively operating in Surkhandaryo region of Uzbekistan. A significant part of the cargo passes through it to the northern provinces of Afghanistan.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan