Terrorist attack in Austrian capital: at least one attacker hunted

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Politico says at least two victims were killed and 14 others injured in a series of shootings that started near the Stadttempel synagogue in central Vienna on Monday night. A police officer is among the injured.


Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz called it a “repulsive terror attack” and said one gunman was also killed.


At least one person is still on the run, Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said in a press conference overnight. He added that while schools will remain open on Tuesday, children will not be obligated to attend, and told people to stay home unless they absolutely had to go out for work or other essential reasons.


The shootings took place near Vienna’s central synagogue but it is not yet clear if that was the target.


According to Politico, the head of the Jewish Community of Vienna, Oskar Deutsch, said it was unclear if the synagogue was the target as the temple and its offices were closed at the time of the shooting. Nevertheless, he added that all community members were advised to remain indoors until getting the all-clear from authorities. Deutsch said all synagogues, Jewish schools and community institutions, kosher restaurants and supermarkets will be closed Tuesday as a precaution.


The attack happened just hours before Austria imposed new national restrictions to try to stem rising cases of coronavirus. Many people were out enjoying bars and restaurants which are now closed until the end of November.


It was not immediately clear how many attackers took part in the shooting. Austrian media said one person had been arrested, citing the interior ministry, according to the BBC.


European leaders strongly condemned the shooting. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was “deeply shocked by the terrible attacks”.


Source: Asia Plus