Terrorists Financed by the TEO IRP Killed in Afghanistan

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In the course of a successful operation in the village Puli Such of Khustak gorge in the Jurm district in the Badakhshan Province of Afghanistan, Afghan security forces eliminated three militants of the terrorist organization Jamaat Ansarullah, injuring four others, reported the Afghan media.

The killed militants, which are known by their nicknames, were trained for the duration of many years at various terrorist bases and were waiting for orders from their leader in Europe to bring bloodshed and war to their native Tajikistan.

The bodies of the killed Tajik nationals were buried by locals in a cemetery in the village of Hul in the Khustak gorge of Jurm district. Abutalha was 30-year-old Nurobod district native, Dodulloh was 41 years old, born in Isfara, and Yadgarov Hikmatullo Gaibulloevich, who was also known as Usmon or Mawlawi Hamza, was a 33-year-old Istaravshan native.

One of the injured, Qori Fathullah, is a 29-year-old son of Rustamkhuja Nasriddinov Nasillokhojaevich, the leader Tajik militants in this gorge. Abuahmad, who is a 35-year-old Dushanbe resident, along with the 40-year-old Kahhor and Abuhurayra, about whom no details have been revealed, are being treated at Dr. Firuz's home by means of Taliban spells and amulets.

The Khustak gorge has been the place of residence of Jamaat Ansarullah members for several years.

According to residents, most of these uninvited guests, especially their wives and children, lead a miserable existence and wish to return to their homeland, but due to threats of physical violence and death from their commanders, who forbid them from returning home, they remain in place.

The terrorist organization Jamaat Ansorullah was formed in 2006 by three founders of the Islamic Renaissance Party (IRP). Abdullo Rahimov, also known Mullah Abdullah, was killed in 2011 in the Rasht district. Amriddin Tabarov died in 2015 from a drone attack in the Kunar province, Afghanistan and Kamariddin Ahrorov is serving a 20-year prison sentence.

Jamaat Ansarullah is a military wing of the terrorist and extremist organization IRP, which it helps finance along with international terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaida, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, and the Haqqani Network.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan