The best reader of the masterpiece “Tajiks” has been identified among the Sughd police

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In order to meet the requirements of the plan of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Sughd region was held the final round of the regional intellectual competition for reading books "Tajiks". It should be noted that on the instructions of the head of the Department, Major General of Police Abdullo Navjuvonov, the first stage of the competition was held in the departments and services, and 47 people made it to the finals. The main requirements for the reading of the masterpiece of Bobojon Ghafurov "Tajiks" are the protection of historical events in the work, including information about the scientific and creative life of the author and the history of writing the work.

Opening the intellectual contest, the Deputy Chief of the Police Colonel Olimjon Burhoniyon noted that reading the masterpiece "Tajiks" raises the sense of national self-awareness and introduces us to the past.

In order to determine the winners of the competition, the management of the Department with the involvement of teachers of faculty ?4 Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, heads of departments and services of the central office of the Department established a special commission to monitor the level and quality of training. The jury assessed the participants' ability to memorize the history of their ancestors, their knowledge of the topics covered in the scientific work, their eloquence and wit, and determined the winners. Taking into account the large number of participants in the competition, two winners were identified in each of the three honorary stages.

Thus, the winners of the intellectual competition among the personnel of the police of Sughd region were determined by the jury. The first place was taken by Major Oqilzoda Askarjon Karimjon, the chief of the police department, and the second place was taken by Major Kobilov Shavkat Aslonovich, the second deputy chief of the Asht police department. Major Mirsaidzoda Mirshakar Mirsaid, an inspector of the agitation and propaganda department of the Department of Internal Affairs, Hakimzoda Jahonbin Orzu, an employee of the office of the DMIA in Shahristan district, and Karoga Zarigor, a police sergeant, were awarded the third honorary position.

Then a solemn event was held in honor of the winners, the best readers and masters of the masterpiece B. Gafurov "Tajiks" in the meeting hall of the Department. B. Gafurov's "Tajiks" is the most important historical source and a purely scientific work. The author of this masterpiece was the first to study the history of the origin and formation of the Tajik people, despite the ideological influences of the Soviet era, the political contradictions of the authorities with the Tajik people, and proved the antiquity and rich history of the Tajik nation with solid scientific evidence. Every Tajik should be proud of such a great child and respect his efforts.

At the end, 6 winners of the competition were awarded with Certificates of Merit by the Head of the Department and gifts, while 21 active participants were awarded with Certificates of Appreciation.

It was stressed that the main purpose of such a cultural event, along with learning about the history of ancestors, is to promote reading among the staff.

Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan