The head of the Ulema Council of Tajikistan called the attack of the Kyrgyz military on the mosque atrocity

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«The tyrant will fail and every proud man will be defeated. The tyrant will fail because he opens fire on civilians without weapons, especially those praying in the mosque, and this is considered violence. Because peaceful citizens prayed in the mosque, and not armed people going to war. These people came to the mosque to bow to the Almighty and offer prayers for the peace and stability of Tajikistan».


This opinion was expressed by the Chairman of the Ulema Council of the Republic of Tajikistan Saidmukarram Abdukodirzoda about the armed attack by the military of Kyrgyzstan on September 16 on the mosque of Ovchi-Kalacha jamoat, Bobodjon Gafurov district of Tajikistan.


As a result, 12 civilians were killed during prayer, NIAT Khovar reports.


Source: Asia-Plus