The main Christmas tree of the country installed in Dushanbe

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DUSHANBE-Thousands of lights will be lit on December 10 on the main Christmas tree of Dushanbe city, installed on the Dusti Square.

According to the Sharofiddin Talabov, the deputy director of the State Institution Outdoor Advertising and Design of Dushanbe city, the New Year's beauty will illuminate more than a thousand LED bulbs, garlands, snowflakes and colorful balls. On the top of the tree there is already a heptagonal star. Decorators have almost finished its design. Its remains only to install other New Year's attributes on the square, the work on which is still actively continuing.

The tree already attracts the attention of many citizens who are in a hurry to take a photo on the background of the main New Year's symbol.

We will recall that the green beauty began to be installed on the central square at the initiative of the Executive body of state authority of Dushanbe city since the beginning of the week.

The Christmas trees are also installed in other parts of the city. All the metropolitan buildings and showcases of retail outlets will also be decorated in a Christmas theme.

The height of the main Christmas tree is 25 meters, and the diameter is 12.5 meters. It was brought from China.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan