The Navruz holiday of the ancient Egypt

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On March 20, 2019 in the Egyptian capital, a celebration was held on the occasion of Navruz celebration, hosted by the Embassy of Tajikistan. During the holiday, the official ceremony was attended by officials, artists and artists, journalists and businessmen of the country's residence, as well as the ambassadors of foreign countries and Tajik citizens living in Egypt.

Ambassador of Tajikistan in Cairo Khusrav Nozir congratulated the audience on the occasion of Navruz celebration and celebrated the anniversary, the riches and values of this celebration, which today is celebrated in Turkmenistan as a thousand years ago with "the hundred thousand monuments and exquisite decorations" he did. Navruz codes, such as the "Golden Hundred" series, have been decorated in the center of attention. Furthermore, all visitors to the celebration of the Memorandum of Understanding, which was published by the Tajik Academy of Sciences, Akbar Turson, "Navruz Culture and UN Resolution" was presented in English.

The ancient Egyptian Navruz celebrates the occasion of Navruz to the Egyptian people and the guests of the festivities of the ancient culture of everlasting and unprecedented ties of the Tajik culture.

Source: Ministry of foreign affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan