The New York Times Puts Tajikistan in 33rd Place to Go to in 2020

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The US daily newspaper The New York Times has included Tajikistan among 52 places list to go in 2020. Tajikistan according to them is in the 33rd place.

This Central Asian [country] is becoming a prime spot for hiking, whitewater rafting and climbing, the article reads.

With little internet access and a developing infrastructure, it's pure off the grid travel � at least for now, The New York Times adds.

The Wakhan Valley is a rugged region that sits mostly in northern Afghanistan but stretches into Tajikistan. Reached via the Pamir Highway, this area offers access to an ancient Silk Road fortress in Namadgut, where you can bathe in natural hot springs, climb the rocks above the city of Langar to discover ancient stone carvings, explore the fascinating mix of cultures, or gaze at the Milky Way from the mountains of Murghab it notes.

The New York Times states that with 2020 comes greater accessibility, including further easing of visa restrictions, new flight connections with Somon Air and additional bus service on fresh highways connecting major towns.

Source: President of Republic of Tajikistan