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The PS4 is one of the best selling consoles on the market. Indeed, it is a flagship product in the world of video games. Lately, we have seen a decrease in the price of the console, especially at the arrival of Christmas. In this article, we propose to discover if this price reduction is directly related to the upcoming arrival of the new Playstation.

A price decrease since October 2019

As we have seen directly on the official website of the Japanese brand, the price drop for the console has been effective since October. This price drop especially affects the packs that is to say the console sold with one or more games in particular. Price decreases were effective in France only in December. In particular, it was possible to purchase the PS4 for only Euros 299. A good strategy before the arrival of Christmas which allowed to sell the stocks.

The new Playstation

According to some sources, this price decrease for the PS4 is notably related to the future commercialization of the PS5. Indeed, this new console should be put on the market during the winter of 2020 for a fee of around 400 Euros , in introductory price. Some say the console will be unveiled to the public during the E3 2020, but nothing is really official yet. If Sony really wants to market a new version of its console, the Japanese manufacturer is then obliged to sell its current inventory. The price decrease is logical. This has helped to make some happy that did not have the opportunity to afford the console before.

A new console is needed!

The majority of current players are still wondering what can be brought as a novelty for this new console. Indeed, the PS4 is a very complete game console. However, the CEO of Sony says it is necessary to market a new console of any new generation. This motivation is due in particular to the success of the Nintendo Switch which it is necessary to counter. In addition, Sony has not yet been able to exploit the full potential of its console and beautiful innovations can be made for the future PS5.

If you wish, you can find here the best PS4 games of this year that are sure to seduce you. Do not forget that these games have sold many copies of the PS4. Indeed, currently more than 75 million copies have been sold worldwide, which is still a very nice turnover for Sony.

Source: Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan to France