The release of hostage

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In the city of Tursunzoda, organized criminal group by prior agreement for ransom by hostage-taking committed a serious crime.

Around 7:30 am one of the members of the group, on the I.Somoni Street of Tursunzoda fraudulently posing as a friend of his father, proposed to 17-year-olds to drive him to school by his car "Daewoo-Tico". Teenager, believing him sat in the car. But the member of the gang took him in another direction towards the residential quarter of Tursunzoda, where they awaited the thief wife. A man and a woman brought teen forcibly in one of the apartments, which tied his hands and feet with tape. Then, they invited the other members of the group. Furthermore, a criminal group, taking advantage of a mobile phone, called the boy's father and asked for his release of 100 thousand US dollars.

When the Interior Ministry received information about abduction of teenager, a special group comprising officers from the Interior Ministry and the State Committee for National Security of Tajikistan has been set up. Three members of the criminal group were detained on the same day, at 11:30 pm. One criminal was killed in the operation because there was threat to life of the abducted teen. The abducted teen was reunited with his parents. No injuries among citizens and law enforcement officers were reported.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted and an investigation is under way.

Source: Minstry of Internal Affairs Tajikistan