The theft of gold jewelry and musical instrument

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At about 22:00 the night, unknown, cracking the glass of car brand "Nexia" belonging to 38-year-old resident of Shahrinav district, which was parked in the village Guliston, stole from the car synthesizer brand YAMAHA KORG-8000 ", valued at 10,000 somoni, and fled the scene.

As a result of search operations by police officers on suspicion of stealing was detained 24-year-old local resident. Stolen item was returned to the owner.

In Rudaki district on 06.12.2016, at approximately 13:00 of the day, an unknown person secretly penetrated into the house of 27-year-old local resident, stole gold ornaments worth 2250 somoni, and fled the scene.

During the search operations by police on suspicion of the theft was detained 17-year-old resident of Bokhtar district.

With such a statement about the theft to the police turned 29-year-old woman, resident of Dushanbe, that 04.12.2016 an unknown entered into her house and stole jewelry worth 6400 somoni. Similarly, by police on suspicion of theft was detained 17-year-old girl, resident of Dushanbe. Evidence is partially removed.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted according to the facts of theft, investigation is under way.

Source: Minstry of Internal Affairs Tajikistan