The tragedy in Khuroson. Authorities promise, residents believe and wait

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Chairman of the Khuroson ditrict, Rahmatullo Safarzoda, told Asia Plus in a telephone conversation that residents blocked the road so that the authorities helped them.


35 houses damaged


” Dozens of residents of the district blocked the road and demanded that we be helped in restoring damaged houses. The road was closed for only 15 minutes, we talked with the residents and promised that we would do our best to help them, then they parted and opened the road “, – said Rahmatullo Safarzoda.


According to him, as a result of the disaster, more than 35 houses were damaged.


Two people died


According to local residents, the mudflow began in Khuroson on May 14 at 17:00 and lasted 3 hours.


As a result of the mudflow, two residents of the Khuroson district died: a resident of the Guliston jamoat of the Khuroson district, a 65-year-old man and a 55-year-old resident of the village of Pakhtaobod.


Source: Asia Plus