The Value of Water: Voices of Asia

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• Water is our most precious resource, yet many people lack access or often take it for granted. On World Water Day, various voices from Asia share how they value water. What about you? What does water mean to you?

• ADB envisions a water-secure and resilient Asia and the Pacific. ADB works with countries and partners on the ground to achieve this vision. In this video, learn how they value water and how it can be better protected.

• The world is rightly focused on containing COVID-19, but it is also crucial to prevent future crises whether from climate change or water scarcity. Diverse people from Asia voice their views on the value of water.

For the second year in a row, World Water Day comes at a time when the world continues to grapple with containing the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). While ensuring vaccines are deployed is critical, it is equally important to consider ways to rebuild and prevent any future crises, whether due to climate change or water scarcity.

Thus, the theme for World Water Day 2021 – Valuing Water – is most relevant to the times. How people value water determines how water is managed, used, and conserved. Water has a myriad of values—for households, communities, public health, agriculture, industries and economy, and the environment.

In this video, a diverse set of people from Asia, including partners and beneficiaries in ADB developing member countries, voice their views on the value of water and how this precious resource can be better protected. World Water Day, after all, is a reminder to take stock and examine this everyday element to encourage individual and collective action.

Source: Asian Development Bank