The volume of humanitarian aid in Tajikistan exceeded $100 million

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Tajikistan has received over $100 million worth of humanitarian aid in eight months of this year, the country’s statistical office reports.


Although the number of donor countries remained almost unchanged compared to the same period in 2021 (56 countries in the eight months of this year compared to 55 countries in the same period in 2021), the total amount of assistance increased by 60%.


At the end of 2021, the republic received humanitarian aid totaling $111 million from 62 countries.


The main donors in terms of the cost of aid in January-August this year were the United States (33% of the total cost) and China (28.7%). Also have a relatively high share: India (5.9%), Japan (4.7%), Russia (3.2%), the Netherlands (2.3%), Sweden (2.2%), Denmark (1, 6%), Uzbekistan (1.5%).


Source: Asia-Plus