There is a shortage of potatoes in Tajikistan. What will happen to prices?

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The harvested crop is 25% less than last year’s volume for this period.


Farmers of Tajikistan harvested more than 227 thousand tons of potatoes, which is almost 78 thousand tons less than in the same period last year, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic reports.


The report notes that the sowing of potatoes this year was carried out on an area of more than 33 thousand hectares, as of the beginning of this week, the harvest was collected from 13.3 thousand hectares.


It is noted that the yield was 170.7 centners from each hectare.


This spring, due to a shortage of potatoes, prices for it in the country rose sharply.


The relevant departments explained this by a reduction in the import of these products from other countries – Russia, Pakistan, China, Uzbekistan


According to official statistics, the growth in the cost of this product for eight months of this year amounted to almost 23%. During this period only air tickets have risen in price in the republic.


Currently, the price of a kilogram of potatoes in the capital markets reaches 3.25 somoni, which is considered a rather high cost for this period.


Source: Asia Plus