Timely prevention is a guarantee of safety

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Based on the requirements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan and the order of the leadership of the State Fire Services Directorate, in order to prevent fire incidents in markets and shopping centers, the employees of the Directorate and its units strengthen fire prevention and training-explanatory activities, with officials and businessmen and traders in places are organizing and conducting necessary instruction and training.

In this context, by the employees of the State Fire Service Directorate in the Limited Liability Company “Bazar Safariyan”, located in the Sinai district of the capital, with its officials, security guards and merchants, there are training-explanatory activities and agitation and promotion of mandatory compliance with fire safety regulations and requirements. was organized and held.
Also, together with market officials, the technical condition and functionality of automatic fire-fighting equipment, sources of water supply, including fire-fighting ponds, hydrants and internal fire hydrants (taking into account their necessary water supply and pressure according to the requirements of current regulations), water pressure booster pumps and water motor pumps. for extinguishing fire, means of communication, roads for free movement of fire vehicles and people were subjected to joint inspection. At the same time, the state of preparedness of the departmental fire brigades was also checked, and necessary instructions and suggestions were given to the officials in order to better organize their day-to-day activities.

Such targeted fire fighting activities were organized and carried out by the employees of the State Fire Service Headquarters in the shopping centers “Ganjina” and “Panjsher” of Firdavsi district of Dushanbe city. During the fire fighting activities, among other important preventive issues, the state of preparedness of the departmental fire brigades, ensuring and mandatory compliance with fire safety rules in shops and retail outlets and household services, detecting illegal use of electricity, determining the state of accidents and the threat of fire in network and electrical stations, detection of overload and excessive use of electricity, the method of installation and installation of cables and wires and the use of various electrical and gas equipment and tools,
Also, in order to ensure the complete safety of the property of merchants and traders and owners and shareholders from destruction in fire, managers and officials of markets and shopping centers should be instructed to cut off the electricity supply after the end of the working day, except for its separate lines until the beginning of the next working day, and to register it in special books. Necessary instructions and advice were given, the essence and necessity of these actions were explained to the officials and traders by giving examples of various fire incidents in markets and shopping centers and the huge damages caused by the fire. Traders were fully supported.
It should be noted that the studies and analyzes of specialists in the field show that one of the main factors in the occurrence of fire incidents is related to the careless and careless attitude of some leaders and officials of markets and shopping centers and entrepreneurs and sellers. Observations show that such treatment of public and private property and ensuring the protection of life and health of people eventually leads to the occurrence of accidents. The main question here is, isn’t it easier and cheaper to see the event before it happens?
Scholars have not said in vain that: A
wise man should try to escape from the fire, and
not burn himself.
It is worth noting that the leaders and managers and traders of the listed markets and shopping centers expressed their pleasure at the organization of such important fire prevention activities, expressed their sincere gratitude to the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Directorate of State Fire Services, and requested that such vital activities be held again. more planned in their facilities. In fact, it is easier and cheaper to prevent a fire than to put it out.


Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan