Timur Zulfiqorov says he will give out the award money to poor people

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Timur Zulfiqorov said he would give out the award to poor people.


“There are many poor people around, and I will just help many people who live very badly,” said the poet. “It seems to me that God gives money to people to help the poorer ones.”


Recall, famous Tajik / Russian poet and novelist Timur Zulfiqorov has been awarded the Stars of the Commonwealth Award.


The Stars of the Commonwealth Award was established by the CIS Humanitarian Cooperation Council and the CIS Interstate Humanitarian Cooperation Fund in 2010. The award is presented in three nominations: for achievements in science and education, culture and art, and humanitarian activities. The prize consists of a monetary reward of 2 million Russian rubles (RR), a diploma, an honorary badge of the laureate and a certificate to it. Up to three awards are bestowed in each nomination.


Timur Zulfiqorov (born August 17, 1936) is a Russian / Tajik poet, playwright, and novelist. He was born in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. He had lived for a long time in Moscow and he now lives in Dushanbe.


Timur Zulfiqorov has written poems, using elements of ancient Russian and Muslim Sufi poetry.


He is holder of the Yasnaya Polyana Literary Award, which is given to authors of outstanding works.


Timur Zulfiqorov is winner of Ivan Bunin Award for his work Zolotye Pismena Lyubvi (The Golden Letters of Love).


Russia’s publishing house Khudozhestvennaya Literatura in 2010 nominated the novel by Timur Zulfiqorov “Stoyashchiy i Rydayushchiy sredi Begushchikh Vod” (Standing and Sobbing in the Rushing Waters) for a Nobel Prize in Literature.


Written in 1993, “Stoyashchiy i Rydayushchiy sredi Begushchikh Vod” is a novel about love during civil war.


In the West Timur Zulfiqorov is called “Dante of Russian Literature.”


Source: Asia Plus