Today Dushanbe Hosts Falak Evening

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The Evening of Falak will be held today at the Akasharif Juraev Tajik State Philharmonic, reports the Ministry of Culture.

The cultural event dedicated to this genre of traditional Tajik music, will include performances by the best musicians from GBAO, Sughd and Khatlon regions.

The event is timed to coincide with Falak Day, which was declared so by the governmental decree to fall on October 10.

Falak is the traditional music of the Tajik people, which for centuries has been the expression of the emotional pain, desires, and aspirations of the common people. Falak makes predominant use of couplets and quatrains. This type of art is typical mainly for residents of mountainous regions.

Due to the efforts of a number of connoisseurs and performers of Falak art, such as Bobokhalili Odina, Rajabmad Vali, Madali Barot, Karim Shish, Akasharif Juraev, Hoshim Kosim, Odina Hoshim, Gulchehra Sodikova, Abdullo Nazri, Ibrohim Kobuliev, Musavvar Minakov, Mamadato Tavalloyev, Navruzsho Kurbonuseynov, Modjon Nazardodova, Nusayri Odinaev, Hakim Mahmudov, Fayzali Hasanov, Davlatmand Khol, Safarmuhammad Murodov, Dona Bahrom, Asliya Iskandarova, Panjshanbe Jorubov, Falak has received worldwide recognition.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan