Today Tajikistan Celebrates Falak Day

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Today, Tajikistan celebrates Falak Day. On this occasion, a gala concert titled 'Dil, Biyo Yak Dame Kunem Yod Az Falak' will be held at the Tajik State Philharmonic named after Akasaharif Juraev this evening, where more than 20 artists, including Rahmatullo Hoshimov, Firdavs Hoshimov, Ganjina folk ensemble, Kurbon Idiev, Ismoil Jumakhonov, Zarina Kodirova and others will be performing.

Falak is one type of traditional music of the Tajik people, which for centuries has been an expression of emotional pain, desires and aspirations of the common people. Falak mainly uses couplets.

This art form is common to the mountainous regions. The ancient oral musical genre, transmitted for centuries from heart to heart and through the school ustod-shogird (teacher-student), has survived to this day. Falak consists of instrumental and vocal components, and includes two styles � 'dashti' and 'rogi'.

Traditionally, Falak is performed accompanied by dutor (dombra), violin, nay, setor, Badakhshan rubab accompanied by doira and tablak.

The Falak musical genre is also common in the northern part of Afghanistan and some provinces of Pakistan and India. Traditionally, the main text of Falak is made up of rubai, but nowadays Falak artists, along with couplets and rubais, also use gazelles of classics and modern poets.

One of the distinctive features of Falak is that it is performed impromptu, and this requires cleverness, wit and high professional skills.

Due to the efforts of a number of Falak connoisseurs and performers, such as Bobokhalili Odina, Rajabmad Vali, Madali Barot, Karim Shish, Akasharif Juraev, Hoshim Kosim, Odina Hoshim, Gulchehra Sodikova, Abdullo Nazri, Ibrohim Kobuliev, Musavvar Minakov, Nanadato Tavalloev, Navruzsho Kurbonuseinov, Mojon Nazardodova, Nusairi Odinaev, Hakim Mahmudov, Fayzali Hasanov, Davlatmand Khol, Safarmuhammad Murodov, Dona Bahrom, Asliya Iskandarova, Panjshanbe Jorubov, the genre has developed and gained worldwide recognition.

On July 20, 1989, the Falak ensemble was formed at the Kulob Music and Drama Theater, which played an important role in the development and prosperity of this unique musical genre of the Tajik people.

Since independence years, the government of Tajikistan and especially President Emomali Rahmon has been paying close attention to the development and prosperity of the Falak music genre. On the initiative of President Rahmon, on November 16, 2001, the Falak ensemble was given the status of a state ensemble, and it currently operates under the country's Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting.

Moreover, October 10 was declared Falak Day by a governmental decree . This cultural event is celebrated annually. Real masters of this genre gather from all over the country and even from abroad and sing for numerous Falak fans.

The traditions of performing Falak are currently transmitted by luminaries to the younger generation at the Tajik State Institute of Culture and Art named after Mirzo Tursunzoda, and the Tajik National Conservatory named after Talabsho Sattorov.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan