Traffic accident

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11.07.2019, at about 15:30 pm, the Opel-Astra driver, Sharifov Abdukarim Marufovich, born in 1959, resident of the Jaihun district, while driving from the city of Dushanbe towards Bokhtar in the Khuroson district, losing control over the management of transport, on the left side of the road overturned into a concrete drain.

As a result, the passengers of this vehicle Sharipova Khosiyat Nematovna, born in 1960 and Shokirova Sitora Abdukarimovna, born in 1981, residents of the Dzhaihun district received serious injuries and were taken to hospital.

After some time, when providing first aid, Shokirova S.A. died in hospital.

Upon the accident, an inspection is carried out, the causes and circumstances of the accident are established.

Source: Minstry of Internal Affairs Tajikistan