Trump to Host ‘Made in America’ Showcase at White Housec

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Products from every one of the 50 states - from candy to crab pots to horseshoes and space suits - will be on display at the White House for Monday's "Made in America Product Showcase."

The White House says President Donald Trump wants to show his administration's "commitment to ensuring more products are made in America."

Some of the companies invited to set up their products inside the White House say they were both surprised and honored to have been asked to participate.

They include such iconic American brands as Campbell Soup and Lockheed-Martin - which will have a model F-35 fighter jet on the White House lawn - to obscure manufacturers who make wine, brooms, horseshoes and animal feed.

Trump had declared July 16-22 "Made in America Week," celebrating "craftsmen, innovators and producers."

He promised to protect U.S. workers and promote American industry after threatening to impose another $500 billion in tariffs on Chinese exports - a move expected to bring more Chinese retaliation against U.S. goods.

Source: Voice of America