Turkish Airlines CEO in Tajikistan completes his mission in Tajikistan

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He told what it was like to work in our country.

Abdulkerim Torun headed the branch of one of the most successful airlines in the world in our country for seven years and shared his impressions of working in Tajikistan before leaving.

Torun joined Turkish Airlines in 2004 and managed the company's branch in difficult conditions in Iraq (Suleimaniye city) for 5 years. Then in March 2016 he was appointed director of the Turkish Airlines Branch in Tajikistan.

Since 2016, Turkish Airlines has been flying three times a week on the Istanbul-Dushanbe-Istanbul route with A320 aircraft.

«The pandemic period was the most difficult for our company, the branch suspended flights for 6 months due to the closure of airspace from the Republic of Tajikistan, but despite the difficulties, the company supported its employees all this time», - Torun says.

According to him, thanks to the efforts of his team, as well as favorable cooperation with state institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan, today flights are carried out by wide-body aircraft of the A330 type.

«We would like to propose to consider the possibility of increasing the number of flights and contribute to the provision of our high quality services to the people of Tajikistan. The increase in the number of flights will also serve to further strengthen the friendship of our peoples», - notes the CEO of Turkish Airlines.

During the period of work in Tajikistan, Abdulkerim Torun acquired many close friends and acquaintances and thanked everyone who supported him in carrying out his activities, all government institutions, organizations and agencies with which the company cooperated.

He hopes that the airline, which serves as a bridge between the two countries, will further promote the culture and trade of Turkey and Tajikistan by increasing flights in the near future.

Source: Asia-Plus