Two district hospitals in the north of Tajikistan receive community help in their fight against COVID-19

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“We would like to avail this opportunity to offer our heartfelt gratitude to our generous donors from around the world for their donations, our partners both locally and internationally for the fruitful cooperation and excellent coordination, and last but not least, all of those, who kindly supported us in the promotion of our project among their communities”, said Nigora Negmatullaeva, Executive Director of the Public Organization “Sadoqat”.


The funds were used to purchase some 40 sets of protective gears and 100 respirator masks for physicians serving in the frontline, 200 units of single-use masks for in-patients and those at immediate risk, six boxes of medical gloves, 20 bottles of antiseptic agent, all of which were handed over to the two healthcare facilities, plus some food stuffs to support vulnerable groups in the local communities.


“We are pleased to have this opportunity to support our doctors and the people in need in such an unprecedented and difficult time.”- says Robert Willard, who kindly offered to run the fundraiser on “We hope our support will help people in rural communities of Tajikistan to battle this unprecedented crisis. Hopefully we can continue this initiative and further support other communities in need in rural areas of Tajikistan”.


The project team intends to use the remaining funds to support the central hospital in Shahriston district, which is in the vicinity of Istaravshan.


Source: Asia Plus