Two homicides on the basis of alcohol use

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It is unfortunate that excessive use of alcohol and a moment of anger can lead to crimes such as murder.
On the night of July 30-31, the body of a 42-year-old man with signs of forced death was found near the drainage ditch in Istiqlol village, Panj jamoat, Jaihun district.
During the examination and examination of the body, it was established that Dodarjonov Azamjon, born in 1979, a resident of Jaihun district.
Officers from the Interior Ministry’s office in Khatlon and police officers in the Jaihun district briefly detained the suspect.
Iskandarov Dodarjon, born in 1989, a resident of the district, admitted during interrogation that the crime was committed after consuming alcohol while intoxicated and in a conflict between him and the deceased Dodarjonov A. arose and committed.
Along with committing a particularly serious crime of murder, the suspect stole 350 somoni from the pocket of the deceased and left the scene.
Similarly, on July 30, police in the Khuroson district uncovered another murder.
In Navzamin village, S. Jamoat. In Ayni, Khuroson district, several residents of the neighborhood are fighting over irrigation water from their backyards.
Kholmatov Murodali, born in 1972, came to the apartment of Ergashev Rahimjon, born in 1996, in a drunken state and started insulting and abusing each other, as a result of which a quarrel broke out between them and they beat each other.
Upon learning of this situation, Ergashev Mahmadrajab, born in 1998, Ergashev Rahimjon’s brother and several relatives of the two joined the fight and beat each other.
Ergashev Mahmadrajab beats Kholmatov Urozdavlat, who fell to the ground and died at the scene with serious injuries. According to the forensic medical examination, the cause of death was Kholmatov U. fracture of the skull and intracranial hemorrhage.
Criminal proceedings have been instituted against them in the Jaihun district prosecutor’s office and the Khuroson district prosecutor’s office. An investigation is under way.


Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan