UCA distributes food and supplies to Tosh-Bulak district in Kyrgyzstan on Eid al-Adha

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Synaibubu, a single mother with 7 children, including two nieces whose father died in a car accident, was delighted. “Our district is close to the UCA campus in Naryn, and we are always grateful for the benefits we have received from the University and the Aga Khan.”


Also present on the occasion was the Vice-Mayor of Naryn, Nazira Zhumakadyrova, who added, “Since the beginning of the pandemic we have been receiving much needed help and support from the University of Central Asia, and very much value their cooperation with the Naryn Administration. Previously UCA provided food and medical supplies to 500 vulnerable families, and protective suits and medicines to front line workers in the Naryn Hospital.”


UCA has also provided similar assistance to families in need in Tajikistan and Khorog Hospital.


The establishment of the University of Central Asia in Naryn, at an investment of over US$ 100 million, has resulted in significant social economic development in the region, and Naryn is rapidly becoming a university town.


Erkin Asanaliyev, team leader of the youth initiative group in Tosh-Bulak, said he looked forward to continued support from UCA, and expressed gratitude for the employment opportunities provided to local residents on the campus, as well as during the construction of the buildings.


Source: Asia Plus