UK, US, Canada accuse Russia of trying to hack virus vaccine trials

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Media reports say that the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada accused Russia of trying to steal information from researchers seeking a COVID-19 vaccine. The three nations alleged that hacking group APT29, also known as Cozy Bear and said to be part of the Russian intelligence service, is attacking academic and pharmaceutical research institutions involved in coronavirus vaccine development.


Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre made the announcement, which was coordinated with authorities in the US and Canada, according to Al Jazeera.


“It is completely unacceptable that the Russian Intelligence Services are targeting those working to combat the coronavirus pandemic,” UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab told Sky News.


According to him, the UK and its allies are getting on with the hard work of finding a vaccine and protecting global health, while others pursue their selfish interests with reckless behavior.


He did not say if any information had been stolen by the hackers uncovered earlier last week by US, Canadian and British intelligence agencies.


Mr. Raab said the cyber spies trying to steal virus vaccine information were engaged by the very highest levels of the Kremlin. Moscow denies the claim.


Sky News notes that the comments will fuel tensions with Moscow amid another criminal investigation into Russian groups the UK has accused of trying to interfere in last year’s general election.


Source: Asia Plus