Ukrainian blogger insists that Iranian-designed drones produced in Tajikistan being used in war in Ukraine

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Ukrainian blogger Dmitry Gordon keeps claiming that Iran-designed drones produced in Tajikistan are being used by Russia in the war in Ukraine. He appealed to the international community to investigate production of drones in Tajikistan. The Tajik authorities have denied the fact of production of drones in Tajikistan.


Gordon on October 31 stated in an interview with Radio Liberty’s Uzbek Service, known locally as Ozodlik Radiosi, that he appeals to the international community to carry out investigation to find out what types of drones have been or are being produced in Tajikistan. “Which country has built a plant for the production of drones in Tajikistan and to which country these drones are delivered?”


As it had been reported earlier, Gordon claimed on October 28 that Iran-designed drones produced in Uzbekistan are being used in the war against Ukraine.


After the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan issued a statement on this matter, Gordon apologized and said that that he had mistakenly said “Uzbekistan” instead of “Tajikistan”.


Tajikistan has denied that it is supplying Iranian-designed weaponized drones to Russia for use in its bombing campaigns against Ukraine.


Tajikistan’s Foreign Ministry released a statement on October 30 to refute claims made by Gordon on October 28. “The Republic of Tajikistan does not export military equipment to third countries,” the ministry said in its statement.


Tajikistan’s Foreign Ministry recommended that “Dmitry Gordon henceforth carefully address such comments and verify the accuracy of the information disseminated.”


Recall, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major-General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri, during his visit Dushanbe in Mya, on May 17, he and Tajik Defense Minister Sherali Mirzo reportedly launched the first production line for Iranian unmanned military aerial vehicle Ababil-2.


Highlighting Iran’s progress in drone technologies in recent years, Major-General Bagheri said in the event, “Today, we have reached a position that apart from fulfilling the domestic needs, we can export military equipment to the allies and friendly countries in order to strengthen security and sustainable peace.”


Iran’s Tasnim News reports that in an address at a military academy in Tehran, Major-General Yahya Rahim Safavi, the top military adviser to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, said on October 19 that the Iranian armed forces have employed science and technology so masterfully that they have gained deterrent power in various spheres.


Highlighting Iran’s progress in manufacturing drones, the general said, “Today we have reached a point that 22 world countries are demanding to purchase unmanned aircraft from Iran.”


According to him, current candidates for the purchase of Iranian drones are Armenia, Tajikistan, Serbia, Algeria, Venezuela and other countries.


Meanwhile, Eurasianet reported on October 31 that a spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe has told it that the mission is aware of reports that Iranian drones are being manufactured in Tajikistan. He declined, however, to address speculation that the aircraft were being supplied to Russia and stated only that countries should avoid engaging in military dealings with Tehran.


“We discourage all countries from engaging in any military-related cooperation with Iran, actions which could put them at high risk of U.S. sanctions,” the spokesman said, according to Eurasianet.


Source: Asia-Plus