Up to $ 200 per person. In banks of Tajikistan Dollars become less

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Situation caused by coronavirus pandemic further complicates access to the US dollar in Tajikistan.


Most of the country’s banks do not exchange national currency for dollars, while willingly exchange dollars for somoni.


Bank currency exchange offices say that they can offer customers only the currency that they, in turn, receive from other customers.


Only a few banks issue dollars in exchange for somoni, and in strictly limited amounts – up to $ 200 per person. For example, in the subdivisions of Eskhata Bank, First Microfinance Bank, Arvand.


However, in order to receive currency, you first need to sign up in the queue and wait for the call. This process may take several days due to the limited dollar reserves at exchange offices.


The banks say that there are a lot of people who want to get a dollar.


«Business needs a dollar, and a large number of people save their funds in this foreign currency. At the same time, dollar receipts are decreasing», – said in the bank “Arvand”.


Source: Asia Plus