URGENT: 17 New COVID-19 Cases Confirmed in Tajikistan

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DUSHANBE,  There are seventeen new COVID-19 cases in Tajikistan as of today, bringing the total number to 32, reports the Tajik Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population.

Of those, 17 cases are registered in Dushanbe, five cases in cities and districts of the republican subordination, and 10 cases in Sughd province.

The first 15 COVID-19 cases were confirmed on April 29, at which time there were 10 cases in Sughd and 5 cases in Dushanbe.

The government and the Health Ministry are taking all the necessary measures to prevent coronavirus and treat the infected individuals.

Disinfection of buildings, streets and avenues is being done regularly in all cities and districts, especially in Dushanbe.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan