URGENT: Tajikistan Bans Export of Some Products and Organizing Forums, Schools Get a Short Break

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DUSHANBE, The meeting of the Republican Commission on coronavirus prevention was held today in Dushanbe under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister Kohir Rasulzoda.

The Republican Commission decided to declare a break for schools from April 27 through May 10 in pre-school institutions, secondary schools, in order to protect public health and ensure the safety of the population, especially children and adolescents.

According to commission’s decision, taking into account the difficult economic and social situation in the world and in order to strengthen food security and supply the country’s consumer market with domestic products, from April 25 the export of all cereals and legumes, such as flour, wheat, rice, lentils, peas, mung, poultry eggs, potatoes, and all types of meat, will be banned.

According to commission’s decision, the organization of all kinds of public events, such as meetings, forums, sports events, film showings and theater screenings, is now temporarily banned throughout the country.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan