Uzbekistan to open border with Tajikistan tomorrow

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Uzbekistan, among other countries, will open the border with Tajikistan tomorrow, October 1, in compliance with quarantine and sanitary and hygienic rules, a source in the government of Tajikistan said.


Persons entering Uzbekistan through automobile and pedestrian checkpoints on the border with Tajikistan will be subject to the conditions of the “red countries” – that is, they are allowed to enter the territory of Uzbekistan only if there is a negative PCR test performed no later than 72 hours before entry.


In addition, laboratories have been installed at all checkpoints on the border of the two states where you can take the test at your own expense. The test result will be ready in 10 minutes. The cost of the test is about $ 20.


Persons identified as infected will not be allowed to cross the border.


Those citizens who have a medical certificate of the absence of coronavirus infection, received no later than three days before entry, will not take the test at the border.


According to the conditions for the countries of the “red zone” for those entering Uzbekistan through automobile and pedestrian checkpoints, a mandatory 14-day quarantine in a hotel or at home is required.


According to the source, the issue of opening regular flights between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan is currently under discussion.


Source: Asia Plus