Vernal Equinox in Tajikistan Will Come Tomorrow at 8:50

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DUSHANBE, This year’s vernal equinox in Tajikistan will come tomorrow at 8:50 local time. This information was provided by the Director of Astrophysics Institute of the Tajik Academy of Sciences Gulchehra Qohirova.

“In astronomy, the vernal equinox is the moment when the center of the Solar disk passes from the southern hemisphere of the celestial sphere to the northern hemisphere. The transition point is called the vernal equinox. The passage of the vernal equinox occurs within one second. The time interval between two successive passages of the Solar through the vernal equinox is called the astronomical year,” she commented.

The new astronomical year 2020 will begin on March 20 at 08:50 local time. For us, this time is known as Navruz holiday. In addition, another interesting astronomical phenomenon occurs on this day, namely, the day and night will have an equal length. The day of the vernal equinox falls annually about March 20 or 21, and this difference occurs due to the disturbing action exerted on the rotation of the Earth by other planets.

For the peoples of the East, Navruz is a celebration of the New Year on the basis of the solar astronomical calendar. Navruz is considered a national holiday and is absolutely not associated with religious beliefs.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan