Virology laboratory will work in Khujand. Second in the country

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By the end of this week, a virology laboratory will be launched in Khujand, in which tests will be conducted to identify the coronavirus COVID-19. This was announced by the chairman of the Sughd region Rajabboy Ahmadzoda during a conversation with health workers in the health centers of the city of Khujand on May 20.


The inhabitants of Sughd did not have such an opportunity earlier: tests were sent to Dushanbe.


Rajabboy Ahmadzoda and the mayor of Khujand, Maruf Muhammadzoda, visited yesterday Health Centers No. 2, 4 and 5 of Khujand.


During a conversation with doctors and nurses, the head of the region noted that “thanks to the well-established work of doctors and nurses, the number of patients has significantly decreased compared to the past weeks after recovery, patients are prescribed”, said the head of the press service of the mayor’s office of Khujand Mamur Yusufov.


Source: Asia Plus