WELCOME TO DANGHARA DISTRICT! Committee for Tourism Development Created New Routes

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DUSHANBE, New tourist routes have been created in the Danghara district, reported the Committee for Tourism Development of Tajikistan.

New routes are supposed to facilitate the development of tourism in this district. The routes go through the historical Khoja Shuhrat Balkhi area, located at a distance of 18 kilometers from the center of Danghara.

Khoja Shuhrat Balkhi was one of the most striking associates and respected Muslims in the Islamic world. In order to continue his studies, he went to the famous imams of his time, and studied the Koran and the Hadith. According to Mawlono Abdurahmon Jomi in Nafat ul-uns his teacher was Imam Zafari. The burial place of this great scientist is located in Danghara and is shrouded in the high mountains from the east.

The tourist route Mausoleum of Shahid Sari Kala is also of great historical importance. It is three kilometers away from the center of the district. This mausoleum is visited by thousands of people. In 2005, the Ministry of Culture conducted excavations in which archaeologists Usmonjon Eshonzoda, Muzaffar Azizov, and a representative of the National Museum, Khudoidod Rahimov took part.

It was descovered that this historical monument dates back to the 9th-10th century. From the remains of the wall, it was found that there were towers on two sides. The mausoleum consists of four halls. The first room is for visitors. It is said that Koran's verses were read here, because inside this hall there are round benches made of brick, and in the middle a candle was lit.

There are 11 burial grounds in other halls. The stones on the cemeteries are decorated with ornaments, some of which are partially gilded. Surprisingly, paints have not lost their quality. The walls are covered with gypsum. This mausoleum is often mentioned in historical chronicles, which testifies to the greatness of this historical monument.

A new tourist route has also been created on the basis of the Mausoleum Mawlono Tojiddin, which is located in the village of Korez in Daghara. It stands six kilometers away from the district's center.

A great scholar and a famous Sufi of the Naqshbandiya order Mawlono Tojiddin Dashti Kulaki was born in 1318 in Dashti Kulak (present Danghara). Mawlono was educated in his native village and continuing his studies in Bukhara. Only fragments of his works have survived.

It is believed that Bahovuddin Naqshband told Mawlono Yakubi Charkhi: You are going to Balkh, be sure to visit Mawlono Tojiddin. He is one of the saints.

He lived in his native village of Dashti Kulak and died in 1388 (in the village of Korez, Dangara). His tomb was built in the 14th century near the village of Korez.

Local and foreign tourists also come to this area.

Another tourist attraction is the Tomb of Mawlono Obiddin, which is intended for cultural and historical tourism. This tomb is located near the district's center.

Mawlono Obiddin, along with Mawlono Tojiddini Dashti Kulaki, was one of the followers of the order. The Tomb was built in the 14th century from burnt bricks and has a room and a grave site. This historical monument was completely renovated in 2006.

The Republican Museum of Danghara is located in the district's center and has been added as a new tourist route. Visitors will receive a lasting impression from the museum. It has unique pieces, including ancient tools and artifacts testifying to the antiquity of this region.

Danghara also has attractive places for ecological tourists, including lakes, springs, orchards, and nurseries for breeding rare animals. The Chashmai Nukra route is the most attractive for attracting domestic and foreign tourists. Chashmai Nukra is located in the village Igron, 20 km from the district's center. Chashmai Nukra delights with its clear waters, unique nature, high mountains, natural flowers and shrubs, animals and herbs.

This area is one of the most picturesque places in Danghara. Around Chashmai Nukra one can find modern fruit orchards, vineyards, and multiple gardens growing various fruits and nuts.

Hutalon rare animal nursery attracts the attention of thousands of local and foreign tourists. Just as the name indicates, the farm breeds rare animals, including mountain horned goats, deer, wild boars, moose, tigers, bears, snow cock and others.

The Khurramshahr teahouse is one of the most beautiful and valuable structures in Danghara. Its architectures includes samples of Tajik craftsmenship, such as embroidery, wood carving, and plaster.

Since Tajikistan's independence, the rural community Pushing became one of the visited tourist places. It has historical and cultural monuments and good opportunities for eco-tourism.

Pushing is an ancient settlement, with ancient stone, bronze and iron monuments.

In the era of the empire of the Kushan Kingdom, Pushing was known as the city of Hushang and was considered one of the developed cities of that period. Craftsmen also lived in Hushang. Their creations have survived to our time.

Since independence, Pushing has turned into one of the most beautiful places with cultural and entertainment parks, ponds for recreation, sports grounds, and artisan shops.

This route also includes a small, modern hotel. The doors of the hotel are always open for guests and tourists.

A Tourism Information and Service Center has been established in the district, which is located in the rural community Korez. The site is included in the tourism route Dushanbe � Danghara � Baljuvon � Khovaling � Muminobod � Dushanbe, which is widely used by travel companies.

Source: National Information Agency of Tajikistan