What and how much Tajikistan trades with the SCO countries

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The foreign trade turnover of Tajikistan with the member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) for seven months of this year amounted to about $ 2.9 billion, the Tajik statistical office reports.

The trade turnover of Tajikistan with 7 member countries of this organization amounted to almost 70% of the total foreign trade of the republic. This is despite the fact that our republic had trade relations with 101 countries of the world during this period.

According to statistics, trade with Russia in January-July this year amounted to $908 million, Kazakhstan - $782 million, with China - $766 million, with Uzbekistan - $315 million, with India - $76 million, with Pakistan - $16 million, and with Kyrgyzstan - $8.6 million.

The trade balance with SCO partners was negative: over 75% accounted for the import of goods and products from these countries.

The countries of the Organization supply the most important products to Tajikistan: about 90% of oil products are imported from Russia, over 90% of liquefied gas is imported from Kazakhstan, and Kazakhstan accounts for more than 95% of the supply of wheat and flour to our republic.

The SCO member countries also dominate in foreign investments accumulated in the Tajik economy.

According to the State Committee for Investments and State Property Management of the Republic, the inflow of foreign investments into the economy of Tajikistan in 2007-2021 amounted to more than $11 billion.

Only investments from China ($3.3 billion), Russia ($1.6 billion) and Kazakhstan ($586 million) account for 50% of the total volume of foreign investments attracted over the years (data on other SCO member countries are not publicly available).

Source: Asia-Plus