What banks do Tajiks trust?

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We conducted a survey on trust in Tajik banks in our Telegram channel.


We asked our subscribers a question: “Which Tajik bank do you trust more?” And offered a list of seven commercial banks of the republic. More than 3.7 thousand respondents took part in the voting.


The first place in the rating of trust was taken by Bank Eskhata, for which 40% of participants (1498 people) cast their votes. In second place is Alif Bank, which received 31% of the votes (1156 people). The third place belongs to “Orienbank” (9%, 315 people). This is followed by Spitamen Bank (8%), International Bank of Tajikistan (7%), Commerzbank of Tajikistan (3%) and Arvand Bank (2%).


It is noteworthy that Bank Eskhata took the first place in the trust rating, despite the fact that it is the only Tajik bank whose central office is located not in the capital, but in the north of the country – in Khujand.


The high loyalty of the survey participants to Alif Bank is also interesting, for which about a third of the participants voted.


The fact is that this financial institution has been working as a bank for only about 9 months, but this circumstance did not prevent it from gaining the trust of customers. “Alif” received a license to carry out banking operations in early January of this year, before that it worked as a microdeposit organization.


Note: Due to technical restrictions on Telegram, only seven banks were included in the survey.

Source: Asia Plus