What Is Expected In Tajikistan In July

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In July 2022, some changes will take place in Tajikistan. In particular, the country’s citizens are waiting for new support measures, wage increases, pensions and scholarships, and a visa-free regime will be introduced for residents of dozens of countries.

Wages, pensions and scholarships will increase

From July 1, 2022, salaries, pensions and scholarships will increased by 20%. In particular, the salaries of all employees of state and public administration, education, culture, sports, healthcare, social protection and other budgetary organizations of Tajikistan, as well as student and other types of scholarships will increase by 20%. Also, the amount of pensions for orphans will increased by 25%.

The minimum wage from July 1, 2022 will increase by 50% and will be brought to the level of 600 somoni. Until today, the minimum wage was 400 somoni.

From January 1, 2022, salaries for the military and 20% for law enforcement officers will increase by 25%.

Centralized entrance exams will begin the same month

From July 1, the main round of centralized entrance exams to secondary and higher professional educational institutions will begin — parts A (exam based on general education) and part B (exam based on basic general education).

Examination centers will be created on the basis of secondary schools in 18 selected cities and districts (Ismoili Somoni, Sino, Firdavsi, Shohmansur, Rasht, Khujand, Istaravshan, Konibodom, Panjikent, Bobojon Gafurov, Bokhtar, Kulob, Vose, Dangara, Kushoniyon, Jaloliddin Balkhi, Shakhritus and Khorug).

In the manner established by the government of Tajikistan, the number of applicants for each examination room will not exceed 15 people. Applicants must have the following documents with them: passport or other identification document (with a seal and a photo) issued by an authorized state body, an invitation, two ordinary black pens.

It is also strictly forbidden to bring the following items: a folder, a book, any notes, a notepad, informational materials, a mobile phone and other equipment and means of communication and computing (calculator, laptop, tablet, and others).

The examination process will be broadcasted from all examination centers via online surveillance cameras in the center.

Failure to comply with the established rules and requirements of the centralized entrance exams during the examinations is considered the basis for the expulsion of the applicant. The Appeal Commission does not consider the applicant’s application on issues of non-compliance with the procedure, rules or requirements established by the centralized entrance exams. In this regard, if the applicant violates these requirements, the exam administrator draws up an act, excludes him from the exam, and the applicant’s examination work is considered invalid.

The 10 millionth resident of Tajikistan will be born

The birth of the 10-millionth resident of Tajikistan is expected to take place at the end 9f July. Tajikistan still occupies a leading role in the post-Soviet space in terms of birth rate, but over the past few years, population growth has decreased from 2.5% to 2%.

According to the population and housing census of Tajikistan conducted in 2020, as of October 1, 2020, the country’s population was 9,661,000 million people — of which 4,901,000 are men and 4,760,000 are women. More than 2,528,000 people or 26.2% of the population live in urban areas and 7,133,000 people or 73.8% in rural.

According to the Agency for Statistics, the country’s population in the first quarter of 2022 amounted to 9,934,000 people.

In accordance with the National Development Strategy of Tajikistan, by 2030 the population should exceed 11 million people. According to official statistics, the population of Tajikistan is growing by 200,000 people annually.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan