WHO reports record one-day rise in global coronavirus cases

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Global deaths reportedly rose to a total of 1.128 million.


The previous WHO record for new cases was 412,800 on October 17.


On October 23, the United States reported more than 60,000 new cases over 24 hours, followed by India at more than 55,000 and the United Kingdom with 26,000 new cases, according to the WHO, whose data lags the daily reports by each country.


France reported 25,000 new cases and Brazil reported 23,000 new cases. Argentine reported 18,000 new coronavirus cases.


On October 23, Russia reported more than 15,900 new coronavirus cases over 24 hour.


As a region, Europe is now reporting more cases than India, Brazil or the United States.


According to WHO data, coronavirus cases around the globe have been reported at 41,104 million as of the morning of October 23. Of them, 1.128 million have died.


Source: Asia Plus