Will events in Kyrgyzstan echo in other Central Asian countries?

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Tajik political scientist Parviz Mullojonov, in particular, noted that the can be twofold.


On the one hand, a significant part of the Tajik population parallels “street democracy” to the events of the civil war in Tajikistan (1992-1997), according to him. “This part of Tajik society, characterized by the “post-war syndrome”, having seen Bishkek events, would therefore be reminded of how undesirable the street protests are,” said Mullojonov.


“On the other hand, for the more critical part of the public, mainly the political opposition, the events in the neighboring country can provide an additional argument in favor of the possible changes in the country “below,” Tajik political analyst added.


Uzbek international relations specialist Yuriy Sarukhanyan says the situation in Kyrgyzstan is unlikely to seriously disturb the events in Uzbekistan. “Do not forget that our countries have different political systems, different governance styles, different levels of civic activism, and media freedom. Besides, Kyrgyzstan has already been through 2 revolutions that did not echo in neighboring countries,” Sarukhanyan.


Kazakh political analyst Baurzhan Tolegenov says, “We do not observe prevailing judgment in public discourse. This is clearly conveyed in how people label the current social unrest in Kyrgyzstan. While the events of 2005 and 2010 were unambiguously deemed a revolution, now it ranges from a revolution to a coup. Some observers use a neutral wording – events in Kyrgyzstan.”


At the same time, enthusiasm dwindles as the political crisis unfolds and aggravates, he noted. “To many, it may appear as if Kyrgyzstan is losing its image of an “island of democracy in Central Asia” and is now perceived as the country experiencing political turmoil and crisis of statehood. But civic activists in any case support the events in Kyrgyzstan, wherein it’s more of a lesson for the elites that demonstrates growing weary of the Establishment,” Kazakh political analyst added.


Source: Asia Plus