Will the electricity industry in Tajikistan be transferred to private hands?

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The government of Tajikistan, as part of the reform of the electricity sector, plans to involve the private sector, including international management companies. What does it mean?


The restructuring process of Barki Tojik as part of the country’s electricity sector reform has been ongoing since 2012. This was expected that the process to be fully completed by the end of 2018.


At the end of June last year, by a government decree, two new joint stock companies were created on the basis of Barki Tojik – « Transmitting electrical networks » and « Distribution electrical networks ». However, the new ventures never started working.


The energy holding said that these companies will start working this year.


Meanwhile, the country’s Ministry of Energy and Water Resources is considering various mechanisms for cooperation with the private sector, in particular, attracting international management companies.


The ministry believes that the involvement of the private sector can contribute to the organization of transparent and sustainable activities of the industry, help to improve its financing.


Source: Asia Plus