Wonderful surgeon Ikrom Boltabaev died

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Head of the Department of Congenital and Acquired Heart Diseases of the Republican Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery Ikrom Boltabaev died in Dushanbe today.


The doctor could not cope with the coronavirus, which was admitted to the hospital in early September.


Ikrom Boltabaev is called a doctor from God – he saved hundreds of hearts, hundreds of lives by performing heart surgery on adults and children. For some children, he performed operations at his own expense, more than once operated on premature babies.


He performed the first operation in the republic on a child who weighed only three kilograms. The operation was unique for Tajikistan in that it was done under a heart-lung machine.


Ikrom Boltabaev’s illness was difficult, he was connected to a ventilator. In recent days it was noted that he was getting better, but today he is gone.


Source: Asia Plus