Workshop-consultation for the sake of quality administration

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On March 16 at the initiative of the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Sughd region to provide instructions to the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to improve the quality of administrative work on "Unified order of administrative practice in the Interior" and "Improving the quality of Accelerated and preliminary investigation of criminal cases ”was held.

Instructional seminar with the participation of the Deputy Chief of Police Colonel Burhoniyon Olimjon Polvon, management and staff of the investigation department, staff responsible for reporting on administrative practices of departments and services of the central office of the Department, researchers and representatives of the Department of in the cities and districts of Sughd region and other units of the internal affairs bodies in the region, whose official activities are related to the prevention and detection of administrative offenses, was held in the meeting hall of the Board.

The event was opened by the Deputy Chief of the Department, Colonel Olimjon Burhoniyon, who explained its purpose and essence. It was noted that the system of administrative activity is an influential factor in the prevention of crime, in addition, due to this area of work will be brought to the state budget significant funds. In this regard, the quality of the procedure for registration of detected administrative offenses and the proper conduct of activities can affect the effectiveness of administrative practice.

Orders and instructions regulating administrative activity, compilation of administrative materials in the field of traffic rules, protection of public order, documentation process, deadline for consideration and submission of protocols on administrative offenses, issues of legal status of victims and participants of administrative proceedings explained the provisions of other legal acts. Five reports on the program of the seminar-consultation by the heads of the Investigation Department, Colonel Sadriddin Orifzoda, Associate Professor of Criminal and Procedural Law, Faculty of the 4th Faculty of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Colonel Mahmadjon Mulloboev, Senior Investigators of the Investigation Department and Major Farhod Jalilov, Senior Inspector of the Information Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Sughd Region.

It should be noted that the activity of administrative practice in law enforcement agencies is one of the priorities, which further depends to some extent on the possibility of reducing crime.

The workshop-consultation process provided an opportunity for government officials to discuss the challenges they face in practice, gain the necessary information, and consolidate their theoretical knowledge.

Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan